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Bye Bye January

We are now leaving January 2017 behind us and all those resolutions made for the coming year are being played out. A dry January, trips to the Gym, Weight loss etc.

Amongst these decisions and goals some of you will have decided that a house move is to take place during 2017. Ah you might say so that is the Bye Bye. Well no actually it isn’t. The Bye Bye is my big tip for preparing your home for sale either now or in the Spring or Summer of 2017.

As an Estate Agent I am often asked “what should we do to prepare our house for sale, make it more appealing etc” and without doubt the one thing that you can and should do is say good bye to clothes, furnishings, paperwork, things stored in the loft and garage that you haven’t used and really and truly have no further use for. Be green, do some car boot sales, or offer larger items for sale on eBay or similar. If you start early you will have the time and might even enjoy the process. I know many who have done this very successfully but if the idea of selling things isn’t for you there is always the tip and charity shops will gratefully receive those items we no longer have a use for!

Moving house is stressful, I cannot deny that. We are a nation of hoarders and keepers of memorabilia. I am just the same keeping pictures of the children at all stages of their life, clothes I haven’t worn for years etc etc. It will however help, not only in the presentation of your home when selling but also when the eventual move takes place, if you have said a fond farewell to those items that will not be useful in your new home.

It really does ensure your property looks its best when up for sale if all those little things you’ve been mean to sort out for ages have been cleared away. Look at the following two photographs and tell me honestly which one is the more appealing.


I believe that simplicity sells and if we can tidy and declutter our house, garden, garage or shed before we go to the market then it will help. Say bye bye and when the removal van arrives to take you to your new home you will know that those things you are taking with you are truly going to be useful in your new home. It will also help your agent to present your home in the best possible light. Image is everything and the images of your home that are placed on the internet are the thing that will draw people in.

Here at Abbot and Slater we will be very happy to give you advice on how to prepare your home and garden for sale so for further information or to arrange a Free Market Appraisal call Christine or Tracey on 01258 830860 or come in and see us in our Sturminster Newton office.

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